Anjan Saha

Graduate Student
MSTP Fellow


Anjan is originally from Northern Virginia (metropolitan D.C.) and double majored in Cell and Molecular Biology and Interdisciplinary Physics at the University of Michigan. He spent a year between undergraduate and graduate training working in Dr. David Markovitz's laboratory, contributing to three publications. He is a fellow in the University of Michigan Medical Scientist Training Program, currently carrying out the research phase of his training after completing two years of medical school. He is now back in Dr. Markovitz's laboratory as a third year Cancer Biology graduate student, and has contributed to numerous projects, both within and outside of the laboratory.

In addition to his work in Dr. Markovitz's laboratory, Anjan is working on a global health initiative to curtail the burden's associated with chronic illness in Sri Lanka. The initiative involves the development of a modern specialty clinic that enables tracking patient data longitudinally to facilitate delivery of higher quality care in an otherwise underprivileged setting.

Anjan is also an avid long distance runner and loves travelling domestically and internationally. He enjoys watching soccer from time to time, and is always up for an adventure.

Research Interests

Anjan is focusing on understanding the contribution of the centromere to prostate cancer pathogenesis. Specifically, he hopes to determine the role the centromeric H3 variant CENPA plays in the progression of prostate cancer using the latest techniques in cell biology, molecular biology and bioinformatics. Additionally, he hopes to molecularly characterize a novel class of non-coding RNAs that arise from centromeric loci, termed centromere alpha-satellite RNAs (CeASaRs).


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