Julian Bahr

Graduate Student


Julian graduated from the University of Maryland in 2010 with a major in Cell Biology and Genetics and a minor in Philosophy. After graduation, he worked in a lab at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD publishing as a co-author of three publications, and lead author of one. He matriculated to the Cancer Biology Graduate Program in 2012 with a Bernard Maas Fellowship and joined the lab of Dr. Steve Weiss where he has co-authored an additional paper and presented at multiple conferences. Julian enjoys rock climbing, watching soccer, and visiting his family all over the world.

Research Interests

Julian's project focuses on how the innate immune system interacts with the extracellular matrix during inflammation and cancer. Specifically, he has developed an ex-vivo model of the extracellular matrix and used it to discover the mechanism of macrophage-mediated remodeling of the basement membrane. His work demonstrates how our own immune system run amok can destroy essential tissue architecture and promote tumor invasion and metastasis.