Ally Hawkins

Ally completed her bachelor's at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received a degree in biology. She is now enrolled in the Cancer Biology Graduate Program at University of Michigan and was awarded the Bernard Maas Fellowship. She is completing her PhD under the mentorship of Dr. Lawlor along with a Master's in Bioinformatics.


Megan Altemus

Megan graduated from Indiana University in 2014 where she received her dual-degree B.S. in Biochemistry and Biology with Honors. She joined the Cancer Biology Graduate Program at the University of Michigan with a Bernard Maas Fellowship.

Anjan Saha

Anjan is originally from Northern Virginia (metropolitan D.C.) and double majored in Cell and Molecular Biology and Interdisciplinary Physics at the University of Michigan. He is a fellow in the University of Michigan Medical Scientist Training Program, currently carrying out the research phase of his training after completing two years of medical school. He is in Dr. Markovitz's laboratory as a fourth year Cancer Biology graduate student, looking to wrap up his dissertation work. In addition to his work in Dr.

Aaron Koch

Aaron  graduated  from  Grand  Valley  State  University  with  a  B.S.  in Chemistry.  He matriculated to the Cancer Biology Graduate Program in 2013 and was awarded a Rackham Merit Fellowship. He is currently a member  of  the  laboratory  of  Dr.  David  Sherman.