Graduate Student Funding

All graduate students in good standing are supported financially for the duration of their PhD training. Each student receives a competitive stipend, tuition, and a comprehensive health insurance package. PIBS provides this support for the first year of graduate school until students choose their graduate degree program. After a student formally selects the Cancer Biology Graduate Program for their PhD training their financial support does not change, but is drawn from a variety of funding sources such as university funds, training grants, research grants, and individual fellowships. 

Some examples of these funding sources are:

• Training grants (e.g., The Immunology Training Grant from the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, the Genetics Training Grant from the Institute of General Medical Sciences, the Cancer Biology Training Grant from the Cancer Institute, the Regenerative Science Training Grant from the NIH, the Cellular Biotechnology Training Grant from the NIH, the Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis Training Grant, and a host of others).

Rackham Graduate School (e.g.The Rackham Merit fellowship and Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant, which offers a one time award of $1,500 for PhD students before achieving candidacy and $3,000 after candidacy).

• Department funds (e.g., Graduate Student Instructor).

• Research grants held by your mentor (e.g., Graduate Student Research Assistant).

• Funds from Vice Provost for Medical Affairs and Dean of the Medical School's offices or other University sources.