Donald Little

Graduate Student


I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics and a minor in Wildlife Science from Purdue University in 2015. During my undergraduate career, I was involved in honors research, teaching, and mentoring. I also completed a Summer Scholars research project at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in 2014. After graduation, I joined the UM Cancer Biology Graduate Program as a Rackham Merit Fellow and began my thesis work in Dr. Gary Hammer's lab. Outside of lab, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and playing basketball.

Research Interests

My project focuses on the role of WNT signaling in adrenal development and homeostasis. WNT signaling plays a crucial role in adrenal biology and is perturbed in a high number of adrenal cancer cases, but the molecular mechanisms involved are not fully understood. Specifically, I am using various mouse models and in vitro single cell techniques to study the effect of WNT2B on adrenocortical progenitor cell maintenance and its potential role in adrenal cancer.

Cancer Bio Mentor