Evan T. Keller, DVM, PhD

Professor of Urology and Pathology


Dr. Keller obtained Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) and Masters of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (M.P.V.M.) degrees from the University of California, Davis and a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Developmental Biology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Currently, Dr. Keller is a Professor in the Departments of Urology and Pathology at the University of Michigan.

Research Interests

Our laboratory focuses on the biology of cancer metastasis, chemoresistance and single cell analysis methodology. We explore for genes that regulate metastasis and the interaction between the host microenvironment and cancer cells. We are performing single cell RNA-Seq to enable us to identify rare cell populations and promote precision medicine. We make a great endeavor to perform translational studies to enable movement of research findings into clinics. We accomplish our research through a combination of molecular, cellular and animal studies and human clinical trials. Specific areas include: (1) Single cell analysis of circulating and disseminated tumor cells; (2) Evaluation of MET, Wnts, BMP pathways in metastasis and (3) Defining the role of exosomes and physical forces on educating the tumor microenvironment.